X-Sync via cable -> fires only once !


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I was just experimenting with the new studio lights with my K5 & K20 . When the camera (tried both on the K5 & 20D) are connected to the Studio flash (Genesis 200), the flash fires just the first time, the subsequent shutter clicks just doesn't trigger the lights. Am I missing something completely obvious here ? The camera's own flash is locked shut (I don't want it to fire).

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Looks like we have a thread on this already link BUT it doesn't seem to draw conclusions except that Pentax uses thyristor based solution where as other DSLRs use transistor based solution. But the question remains - what do you do when you need to use studio lights with sync cord and don't want to trigger the lights with the on-camera flash ?


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O BTW, I did check the polarity of the flash and cable and AFAIK they are correct. The centre is +ve and the outer is -ve,


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Your solution might be a resistor or capacitor in series with the sync cable. It seems to work for Yongnuo flashes. Reference: http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/pentax-k-5-forum/162331-mounted-yn-560-flash-...

Or try something like a Wein Safesync; it might modify the behavior.

And the last solution might be wireless triggers; others might be able to advise which ones work with the K5 and it is possibly your best bet.

I know, a lot of 'mights'.

Good luck, WimS
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Thanks Wim, much appreciated. I think I will go with the catus. But really Pentax needs to address this.
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