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As title says I'm looking to buy a macro lens for my Pentax camera. I'm primarily interested in one of the older manual ones (Panagor/Soligor/Elicar/Vivitar/Tokina etc.) but I may consider others.

The lens must be in perfect working order, glass free of scratches, fungus etc. Light cosmetic signs of use is ok.

I'm willing to spend around 200/240. I'm located in Denmark and will of course pay the extra shipping costs.

Thank you for reading.


edit: should have specified I'm looking for a lens in the 90-105mm range. Sorry about that.
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Hi Brian

I do have a DA 100mm f2.8 macro, but only can let it go at 290 EUR + postage cost.

However, I can recommend TOMIOKA YASHICA YASHINON 60mm f2.8 Macro, very nice M42 macro lens. It will only cost 150-200 on ebay which is in your budget...


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I've got a Pentax SMC-M 50mm f4 manual Macro lens, cased + caps 100 + postage

or a Panagor Auto macro Converter - looks clean, never used it though!


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Hi pengbai,

Thank you for your interest. I should have specified I'm looking at the 90-105mm range.

The Tomioka does look interesting though, never heard of it before.

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I have a boxed (with case) Vivitar Series 1 105mm f2.5 macro lens with the A settings but would want a bit more than 200 for it.
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Mike, which version/maker of the Series 1 is it?


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If I remember correctly its made by Kiron.
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I have a Tamron adaptall SP90mm f2.5 52BB macro which I am half thinking about selling. It is a 1:2 magnification and comes with matched extension tube for 1:1 and PK/A adaptor. However, I find it too fiddly and only ever use it at 1:2, but that is perfect for larger subjects, flowers, fungi, larger insects and more environmental type bug shots. It is also a very nice lens for portraiture. It (at least) matches my DFA100 for sharpness and it has better colours. It would be below your budget. It would be under your budget and it would be a good buy if you were interested in other adaptall lenses as the adaptor alone is quite expensive.

If you need 1:1 macro then the lens I would recommend to you is the later version Tamron 90mm f2.8. I have seen one advertised recently on a French Pentax forum although I cannot vouch for the seller. I'd say it was better value than my lens. I'll send you the link if you wish.
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I have a Boxed Vivitar Series 1 105mm Macro if you are still looking
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