Would it be a good choice


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I notice SRS has the FA 50 mm 1.4 back in stock at a decent price. Would this be a better proposition than the new 55mm 1.4 ?

Just considering a faster lens that's all for general all round photography

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It would cost a good deal less and it is a good lens.

If you don't need weather sealing and SDM, then yes, I guess it's a good opportunity whilst stocks last.
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Like most things it is a 'different' proposition, only you can decide if it is a 'better' proposition for you...


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I have one and can highly recommend it.
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Smeggypants wrote:
I have one and can highly recommend it.

Ditto - sharp as, and versatile too.


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Bear in mind that for 60 more you could get the Sigma 50 f1.4. It beats the FA for wide-open sharpness. However it weighs (much) more and isn't quite as sharp at f4-f5.6. You might also have go through a couple (SRS pay for return postage on faulty items IIRC, so only inconvenience rather than cost) before you get one that doesn't front focus.
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I'd add another vote for the FA50 1.4 - I also have one and can highly recommend it.

Depending on your tastes, it might be worth looking at a second hand F50/1.7 which should be cheaper than the FA50 1.4 and is sharper wide open.
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