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Hello Everyone,

I've noticed many of you have very nice looking photography websites so I thought you could give me some advice. I'd like to have a blog of my own which would be a mix of personal tavel photos and some writing -- nothing commercial for now. Problem is - I haven't the faintest idea about WordPress. Would you recommend it to a beginner? I suppose I'll pick up some new skills while posting, but I don't want to be out of my depth from the get go.

Any advice /alternate suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks!
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If you want something easy and nice looking try 'Jalbum' , less than 20 pounds one off payment for the software. Here's a link to the trial version

See mine below.....
My new website:link
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Thank you for the suggestion, Michael. Great looking website, punchy colours. I'm having a love affair with the macro setting on my dslr, so the nature pics are particularly appreciated.

My only question is whether one can add writing to the website? That's originally what led me to wordpress. I've been poking around this afternoon and found this package which is 12 pounds a year (though it gets pricier later), link here.

Having read a few articles, I'm wondering now whether I should just go the free route and try upgrading later.

- H.
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1and1 are the web host I use, they are fine...until you want to cancel your contract, they make it extremely difficult!
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I can highly recommend Wordpress if you can get some inexpensive hosting.
I setup my website timpile.co.uk(NSFW) in less than a day, and it even imported all my blog posts from Blogger including all the images and comments.
There are loads of great themes to get you started, free ones and paid ones, and lots of plug-ins to do useful things.
I probably use very little of what it is capable of, but have been very impressed.
Best Regards

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Thank you everyone for chiming in. I've decided to go with the WordPress package I mentioned.

Michael, isn't that the case with all of these companies? Hopefully, I won't have to cancel too soon.
Tim, very impressive work and a beautiful layout too. Thanks as well for the WP vote of confidence.

Best Wishes,
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Hey, I know this is an old thread, but I'm having some Wordpress problems of my own ...
I got a Wordpress site for my photos and was recently told I should buy my own domian name .. so I did through this site .. just wondering if you guys bought your own domian name or just kept the .wordpress option? I'm a bit unsure of what the difference is tbh.
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You don't need to buy one, you can get a free one here (I use their service and have had no problems at all) -
John K
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My wordpress blog is free and is pretty simple to do. It isn't on photography though! See here.
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