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Link Posted 20/12/2003 - 10:41
Hi . I have just been given a pentax P30. , but no manual with it . I am trying to load a film to try it , but cannot get it to wind on . Put new batteries in , (dont know if that makes any difference ) May be someone can tell me what I am doing wrong , or not doing right as the case may be !!!. Should I press something while I wind on ?
regards Phil


Link Posted 20/12/2003 - 11:18
The sequence is wind on-release shutter-wind on-release shutter, etc. If the shutter is not released you will not be able to wind on, and if there is no battery you won't be able to release the shutter!

One thing to watch is if the lens cap is in place when you release the shutter and the camera is on auto it will think it's very dark and will give you an incredibly long shutter speed. Set it manually to 1/1000 second to minimise delay in loading.

If you still have a problem, there may be a fault. Let us know how it goes.
Best regards, John
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