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Link Posted 26/10/2017 - 08:49
Hi hope your all well, am thinking of getting the Sigma 10-20 EX DC HSM and wondered if anyone has experience of this lens, I'll be using it on my K3?
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I have the older f4-f5.6 version and find it to be a good lens. I think I saw some speculation the constant f3.5 version was not quite as good.
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Hi Brian - I picked up the older version (not the f3.5 one) a couple of months back thinking I'd give it a bit of a try then probably sell it one - but a trip to the Lake District a few weeks back revealed it to be a superb lens on my K5iis.
If you want to get an idea of what it can do then this mini Flickr album from one day in the Lake District has well over 50% of the shots taken with it...
or just one example shot:

I'd heard the opposite to Barrie - the f3.5 is supposed to be better


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I bought the fixed f3.5 version new at Christmas and have used it for about 250-300 shots this year...I really like it although it is my only ever experience of a ultra wide-angle zoom so have nothing to compare it with.

Was great for interior shots at a National Trust property...handheld and no flash and is excellent for outdoor landscapes...with one proviso...you definitely need something in the foreground to lend interest or lead the eye (at 10-12mm) otherwise shots can be a bit disappointing...but this will be the same with any equivalent focal range.

I won't be selling mine (used on a K-50), so I suppose that is the acid test.




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yes ...It would also get my vote. A workmanlike lens does what it preaches too.. I have used it a lot over the years..
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Another vote in favour. I don't use it a lot, but when i need it, it does the job.

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It is a great lens, no more to say about it!

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Excellent lens for the money. I've had both versions and preferred the 4-5.6 version as it's a bit more manageable in terms of size.

The filter size at 82mm for the f/3.5 is a bit of a turnoff really, so the 4-5.6 version is just perfect.
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Thanks everyone for your comments, think I will get it!
All the best

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I love it, fantastic lens, I have the 3.5. It makes a great lens for photographing people too. I'll post an example of what I mean later.
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Link Posted 28/10/2017 - 09:44
I sold my Sigma when I upgraded to the HD15-30 for my K 1 but the Sigma was a very nice lens with good IQ.

However if you are not bothered about having a wide angled Zoom and a prime is also interesting to you the Pentax smc DA 14mm F2.8 ED (IF) is something else if you can find a good one I think it was the best wide angle I have ever had,mmatching the legendry Tamron 17mm SP of the 70s.

But the Sigma is a very good lens for sure


Link Posted 28/10/2017 - 10:12
Also worth looking out for is a Sigma 12-24mm. Not quite as wide but full frame should you ever buy a K-1.

Daronl wrote:
I think it was the best wide angle I have ever had,mmatching the legendry Tamron 17mm SP of the 70s.

I have a Tamron 17mm SP somewhere, may try and find it and give it a go on the K-1.
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Thanks all but donít see me going full frame as the K3 does everything I need and is still better than me!! Going to order one from Wex on Monday I think.
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Link Posted 30/10/2017 - 19:40
Jumping in late! I owned the fixed f3.5 for a while, bought it new and it was a cracker of a lens! The fixed f3.5 has an 82mm filter thread and the variable aperture was 72mm from memory. If I was to buy another I'd buy the cheaper variable aperture as I never used it under f8!
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