Why so expensive!


Link Posted 02/04/2021 - 14:24
All film cameras seem to be silly prices for the most part... but you can get lucky with some bargains.
MF SLRs are quite rare, so the prices are crazy for most of them, i got a Bronica ETRS a few years back for a good price, but now evenn those are eye-watering.

My normal MF is a Zeiss Ikon Nettar, a folder that is great for landscapes and a very handy holiday camera. Voigtlander Bessa folders are pretty good too - i have Klein, which is 6x4.5 but the counter is broken, so i lose some shots (the idea of it was you wind to "1" in the window, then the counter kicks in and stops the winding when you reach the next frame).

I got a pinhole MF from Ranica in Belarus last year and i have used that more than any other MF camera in the last 12 months, mainly as it is just different and a bit of fun.

Rolleicord can be good for a bargain - most people go for the Flexes (must admit, they are lovely), but the Cords are not that inferior and later models are very good.
Pentax k100d, k30d 18-55, Tamron 70-300, Tamron 500 mirror, pentax 10-17, 50 1:4, a manual 28, some extension tubes and a bagful of memory cards. That's all i need... and a load of film cameras too... that's it, honest.
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