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All film cameras seem to be silly prices for the most part... but you can get lucky with some bargains.
MF SLRs are quite rare, so the prices are crazy for most of them, i got a Bronica ETRS a few years back for a good price, but now evenn those are eye-watering.

My normal MF is a Zeiss Ikon Nettar, a folder that is great for landscapes and a very handy holiday camera. Voigtlander Bessa folders are pretty good too - i have Klein, which is 6x4.5 but the counter is broken, so i lose some shots (the idea of it was you wind to "1" in the window, then the counter kicks in and stops the winding when you reach the next frame).

I got a pinhole MF from Ranica in Belarus last year and i have used that more than any other MF camera in the last 12 months, mainly as it is just different and a bit of fun.

Rolleicord can be good for a bargain - most people go for the Flexes (must admit, they are lovely), but the Cords are not that inferior and later models are very good.
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If you have a 6x7 with wind on problems this is how to solve it, don;t touch the top of the camera in any way go to the loading catch on the bottom (wind on side ) and dismantle there is a notch that stops it turning full circle file off the notch then on the face that is in contact with the film spool fit two small screws that go into the film spool at this point you can wind your film on using the bottom catch the film counter and clutch are all operational . your wind on lever just winds the shutter.
I fitted a round knob to the bottom catch for ease. Bacause the top winder was still moving the film slightly I bored out the top of the empty film spool making the camera film winder obsolete. you just have to remember you wind your shutter and film seperately No one fixes wind on faults on 6x7s it is a write off so you have nothing to loose
gtis wrote:
cardiffgareth wrote:

It's very nice and ideally what I want but it's £700

Yes I know but it’s cheaper than the one you linked
At £2500


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Reserecting an old thread, I've been shooting my Bronica ETRSI but it's developed a fault and I can't work out if it's the camera body or lens so I've put the complete outfit on eBay and had an offer that's pretty good shall we say!

Now the hunt for a good medium format camera is back on. There was a Pentax 645,the original version on ebay last week that didn't make £300! Gutted as if I'd known the Bronica was about to die and I could sell it for nearly that in its state I would have bought it!
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Camera prices have been on the increase for quite some time but it's hard to get a good working medium format camera with standard lens for less than €1000 over here now. Glad I got my 124Gs and Pentax 645 years ago when prices were still reasonable.

You may well not be able to replace the Bronica with what you get selling a faulty one. I would have recommended at least getting an estimate before putting it on ebay.
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I really wish I had bought a Pentax 67 a decade ago when they were a bit expensive but not outrageous...
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The Pentax 67 is the one major gap in my user experience - I always wanted one but could never afford one. The viewfinder clarity is just amazing.
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johnriley wrote:
The Pentax 67 is the one major gap in my user experience - I always wanted one but could never afford one. The viewfinder clarity is just amazing.

I was lucky enough to own one in my Twenties, but even then I found it too bulky and heavy for walking any real distance. Other than that one negative, absolutely everything else about it was superb - from the viewfinder experience to the final result, the pinnacle of film photography for me


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johnha wrote:

Update: I've just seen some prices of Mamiya C330's - one of the more mechanical, easier to fix, less to go wrong cameras.

Or an older C3

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