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there aren't more photographs of PEOPLE?

I spent the day in London taking photos of people, I didn't even get harrassed by an annoying policeman. Why is street photography so uncommon nowadays?

(Hilarious that outside of the British museum you can't see a camera, and as soon as you step in the gates, you see hundreds of professional Dslr's..)
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Possibly to much bad publicity, about various instances of photographers being stopped etc.


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The issue (at least in the US) of personality rights maybe? An identifiable image of a person being used on what is essentially an advert for Pentax would presumably cause their counsel some (justified or otherwise) concerns.


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I think it's just a matter of PPG population's taste? I personally do a lot of voting and there are very few street shots in there, compared to 1x for example.

That reminds me! I am having trouble posting PPG link in my signature line. Any ideas? Thanks

Cheers, Luka
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My Settings>Profile Information
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Well I got that far. It ends where I stick my PPG generated code in my profile and nothing is showing.
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There is a rights issue in Germany as well, would need to have a model release to post. And there is no way for PPG testing that (nor will they probably know about German laws).

Luka, just put the link in. I did it this way: PPG
So the source code reads (link=http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/ralfprien)PPG(/link)
Only that the round brackets () are replaced by square ones []

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Thank you Ralf. I really am not that literate where it comes to these codes
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model release is a matter of personal use though. A photographer that shoots a model, should always have release forms to publish their own work.

I can't recall the need for release forms in street photography, it would make the whole photographic process pointless. And if the photographs are taken in public space, then it really shouldn't be a problem.
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BTW, Luka, your ppg is amazing!

really great photos there. I remember when I first saw "Pipe Smoker" and stared at the photo for a good half hour, in complete and total admiration.

good stuff.
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Oh thank you Nathan! The "Pipe Smoker" is actually my father.

By the way, your work is very admirable
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I think it's because taking stunning photographs of people is much harder than stunning photos of inanimate objects. Or that's how it works for me anyway

Luka your PPG gallery is amazing! I had to go look for the pipe smoker after Nathan mentioned it, it is a really incredible shot! You've also got more acceptances than anyone I know of - except Prieni - nice one!
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Thanks Tim! Where did you come by that 10 cylinder aircraft engine? I wish to see it someday in person...
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