Which tele-convertor?


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I was wondering which tele convertor would be best for tamron 17-50 with pentax k7. Any advice on specific brands, make and model would be much appreciated.


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Unless you can find a good teleconverter for under 200 I would say to buy a DA 55-300mm (or the older DA 50-200mm) instead, you'll get much better results than you will with the TC and zoom.

You can currently find the 50-200mm for 100 or less brand new on ebay, I have never seen a teleconverter worth owning for less than that and the lens is probably a similar size and weight to a TC.

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I wouldn't recommend using a TC with a wide to standard zoom, unless you intend to use it only at the 50mm setting.


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Agree with the other posters. Teleconverters and wide angle zooms aren't an obvious match. And by the time you pay enough money to get a decent teleconverter (some would claim that is an oxymoron) you would have put it to better use buying a telezoom to complement the lens you have. Best bang for minimal bucks is probably the Tamron 70-300. Cost effective, small, light, decent enough IQ and weather resistant to go with your K-7 would lead you to the 50-200WR. Best IQ for a reasonable price is the 55-300.

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Thanks to all for advice.
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