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Young ONe

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Ok, here goes, old common question. I have a K100D Super, which I am about to try and sell with the kit lens and upgrade to the new K-5 body. I am now stuck for which lens to get. I currently have a Sigma 18-250mm 1:3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM lens as a general travel lens, all around lens, but it is not the best as soon as the light goes away. I have 2 old Sigma lenses which came with my MZ-60 Film SLR, a 28-90mm and 70-300mm, both of which are basic (kit like) lenses.

I am considering a prime lens, and would like to keep the price under AUD$1000 (eg US$1010). I am looking at 50mm lens or equiv. Now I do like shooting landscapes, waterfalls and sport. Sport is the hard one, as generally need telephoto.

I have came across this one - PENTAX FA 35mm F2 AL

I will also consider other brands.

I will also consider a good lens in the low range of say 16-??? with a decent aperture for those low light conditions.

Hope some one can help.
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G'day from Melbourne!

You may find it is cheaper to price lenses from the USA, eg B&H link

Digital Camera World are a very good store for stocking Pentax stuff in Oz (Melbourne and Sydney) link

Some of their lenses are competitive in price with those from the US.

The Pentax FA 50 1.4 is a superb lens, around $650 AUD - see this thread
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George Lazarette

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The Pentax FA 35mm is a very good lens indeed. If the focal length suits you, go for it.

50mm lenses make good (slightly short) portrait lenses on digital.

But I'd suggest you consider second-hand kit. I never buy new lenses unless second-hand ones are totally unobtainable.

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By the way, if you're buying a K5, you won't need to worry so much about low light ability as you would with a lesser camera.

In the 16mm range I'd look for a nice second-hand Pentax 16-45.

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You might consider the SMC Pentax DA 35mm 1:2.4 AL lens. It's said to be very good. It is not as fast as the SMCP-FA f2 version but this sells for 149.00 in UK, about AU$240 and well within your budget.

As George noted above, the low light performance of the sensor in the K5 will more than compensate for the slightly slower and much cheaper lens.

Even the Pentax smc DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited Lens should be within your budget, neither of these will be much good for sports though, unless it's table soccer. It's slower still but optically superb.

NB: Ignore the L in the lens title on the Pentax Oz web site, it's not a DA-L lens it's a normal DA lens as you'll see from the image. An 'L' of a mistake you might say.

Actually, the www.pentax.com.au site has the 35mm 1:2.4 AL lens under the DA Limited Lens group ? ? ? I'm not sure that's right either.
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For those that state that one does not have to worry to much about low light with a slow lens.

The K5's built-in AF assist has it's limitations in low light and the lens that one uses is part of the 'AF circuit'.

I tried it last night on the K5 with FA31 and had to resort to the AF540 (in SB mode) to get focus (distance approx 11 meters; subject a bush in the garden).
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Good point Wim.
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