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Which extra M lens for LX

WJ Bons

Link Posted 28/04/2006 - 15:08

i just bought a lx and have a 28/2.8 and a 50/1.4
What would be a nice longer lens until max 150mm.

i can not find that much info about the full range of lenses available and their quality...


Link Posted 28/04/2006 - 16:00
There's the usual (great) list:

There are some user reviews here:

Of course, the A series work just as well... so there are some nice A-star lenses out there - if you can get them!!

Hope that helps!


Link Posted 28/04/2006 - 18:43
As Matt says, the M and A lenses are equally useful on your camera, as indeed are the original K lenses.

If you want something longer, there is a superb 100mm f2.8. Also a 120mm f2.8 that starts off fairly soft but crisps up as it is stopped down - this might be nice if you do a lot of portraits. The 150mm f3.5 is totally sharp at all stops, an exceptionally nice lens.

If you want a zoom up to 150mm you might look at the SMC Pentax-M 75-150mm f4, bulky by modern standards bit a good lens. Try to make sure you get a good one with no sloppiness in the focusing/zooming action. because this is a "trombone" type zoom, some of them can be too loose to be useable.

However, you can use more modern lenses as well if you wish, with the exception of the recent Digital-only lenses or the FAJ ones without aperture rings. Obviously you won't get autofocus, but you can use the lenses with manual focus.
Best regards, John

WJ Bons

Link Posted 01/05/2006 - 13:35

Willie Jan

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