Which do you prefer and be honest.


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Well i like A and D.
All the best

And come him slow or come him fast it is but death who comes at last.


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a & c for me
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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walkeja wrote:

Non of them are out of focus.

"None of them is out of focus" might be correct.

Exif data:
A - 300mm 1/100s
B - 160mm 1/25s
C - 55mm 1/6s
D - 55mm 1/8s

If the shots were hand-held, these shutter speeds are likely to lead to images that show camera shake, because they are too slow. A simple rule is always to think of relating the shutter speed to the focal length of the lens. E.g. 300mm - 1/300s, 160mm - 1/160s, 55mm - 1/55s. Then select the nearest shutter speed or faster on the camera. E.g. 55mm - set to 1/60s or faster.



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A and C
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