What lens in range 28-90mm?


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Recently I start thinking about getting myself lens in this range of focal length. I do have 28-80/3.5-5.6, I can't really complain but there is few more lenses like 28-80/3.5-4.7, 28-70/4.0 or some Sigma's starting with f/2.8. Does anyone been using Pentax FA 28-80/3.5-4.7? I'm thinking about it coz has powerzoom or Sigma's one?
Sorry if that question been asked allready.
Thanks for help.
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The 28-80 Powerzoom was not that well built IMHO, but the 28-105 Powerzoom was very well regarded, they come up quite often on Ebay for reasonable prices.

PPG link

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The 28-80mm PZ is solidly built (disintegrating PZ switches aside), it probably isn't the sharpest but I rather like mine. Performance is more than acceptable and it's one of the fastest 28-80mm zooms at 80mm.

I will have to take it out and use it more often - a few brief tests produced this:

At a guess that would have been around f8, 28mm.

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Have you considered the 24-90 f3.5-4.5 ?

I never had any complaints when using one on my MZ-S. I then transferred it to the *istD where it performed equally well.

It has not had much use on my K20D but occasionally it gets a run out if I know the 16-50 will not be long enough and the 50-135 too short.
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I have the Sigma 28-105 f2.8-f4 which is decent. It's sharp especially in the middle ranges, but the colours are a bit cold. Very short focus throw so fast AF but useless MF. Fairly heavy barrel distortion at 28mm, and 72mm filter ring.
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The FA 24-90 3.5-4.5 is a very fine lens, and a very useful focal length on digital if you dont want the wide end.

But they don't come up very often on ebay and fetch a high price when they do.

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Matt - your picture looks pretty good, did you use any filters or anything like that?
Tim - thanks for info about Sigma, that's reason why I'm looking on, 2.8-4, I've checked Sigma 24-135mm/2.8-4.5, that looks really impressive too! It has usefull range of focal lenght and bright too, Q is what about IQ?! Can I ask you for some sample photos?
John - do you have any sample with 28-105? That lens looks really nice but what about aparture? Why Pentax has little bit dark glasses, where Sigma offers much brighter lenses? Does it effect quality?
Thanks for helping. Good day for all.
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Nope, no filters, shot as JPG. It would probably sharpen nicely if you used RAW and then fed it to Photoshop or similar.

It is a bit soft at 80mm, but not unpleasantly so. You just can't do the crop and enlarge trick that many primes are capable of (I can crop images taken with my 28mm f3.5 heavily without losing much sharpness).

As mentioned above, I've heard good things about the 24-90mm but it is rare and expensive. There was an FA 28-70mm with a constant f4 which may be of interest - they seem to be prone to separating elements but providing you get a good one they seem well thought of.

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Ok I'll keep looking for this few lenses. I found Pentax 28-70/2.8 that would be great but price is to high and is 2nd hand only, and again, price! Does anyone been using Sigma 24-135???
I found few reviews of 24-90, people are really happy with it, I'll keep my eye on it. Thanks
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I had a Tamron 24-135mm SP lens in Pentax fit and thought it was a superb lens (until it fell onto a hard tiled floor). Not made any longer but Canon/Nikon FF users are always on the look out for them as they that good.
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The Sigma 24-70 2.8 macro has had excellent reports and personally I can't decide between that the Tamron 17-50 2.8 or the older Tamron 28-75 2.8 or one of the Sigmas 17-70 2.8 - 4 macro or the 28-70 2.8.

Difficult decision, the Tamron 17-50 seems to get the nod for portraits but the Sigma range seems more usable.

All these other suggestions here are just adding to my quandary !
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There are two versions of the FA 28-70mm. There was a * f2.8 version (the expensive one you've found) and an f4 version which IIRC was regarded as an upmarket consumer zoom.

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