what is this lead called ?


Link Posted 21/02/2009 - 16:32
i have got my first portrait job and i need a cable that goes from my computer to my camera and as soon as i take a picture it appears on my laptop! what is this lead called i have seen professional photorgraphers using this lead i have the normal lead that attaches to my laptop but the one im after is like a coil lead so its is expandable?
please help
please take a look....



Link Posted 21/02/2009 - 16:41
USB lead.
If you got one with your camera ( short one), then you need a USB extension lead from the likes of PC World will do, it has a female one end and male the other.
They come in 1,3, and 4 metre length. connect one end (female) to your camera lead and the other end to the laptop and away you go.

PS...I have never seen these leads coiled.
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