What do we want from the K-5 replacement


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Okay, so our beloved K-5 is now officially discontinued and a new model is on the way. But what do we want from the replacement?

I am sure it will probably have the Sony 24MP APS-C sensor. This is a bit of a concern for me as inspite of the detail improvement, I have read in many places that it is not as good as the mighty 16MP sensor in Low light performance and dynamic range. Mind you it is JUST a sensor, and Pentax may have something up its sleeve with the processing.

Keep the shutter as is, it is great. If they can eek out a couple more FPS out of it without compromising reliability, then all the better. Still 7 FPS is still excellent!

Improved AF - Each generation has got better, and hopefully this will be another leap.

More reliable metering. Even my K-5 can be fooled. If I focus on something black, and want it to be more evaluative, as even now it can be a pain, and the Sunny16 has to compensate.

Buffer - a LOT bigger buffer please, especially on FPS and long exposures

Larger viewfinder - Yes 100% is great, but it is a tad tunnel like. Also, I would like a better viewfinder for using manual lenses. *istDS is so much better for this.

Apart from that, I can't think of anything more at the moment.
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Simple, faster and more accurate phase AF, rather like the canon has. My K-7 knocks spots off a friends canon 500d but his AF his WAY better than mine. I know the 5 is better but it's still a long way off the canon.
And maybe twin SD slots
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Offertonhatter wrote:

Improved AF - Each generation has got better, and hopefully this will be another leap.

There has never been a leap in AF performance with Pentax DSLR's, more like a mild whimper if anything.
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USB3/wifi tethering

dual card slots

omni lens mounts, accepting a few other brands lenses

0.7 AF TC allowing old glass to be used on APSC with AF and reducing the focal length, sold as part of kit.

And a stick holder for the moon on a stick I've ordered from China.
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I wonder to what extent this model will have been specified by Ricoh. It's possible that it is still largely the brain-child of the former regime, and if so, that would be a pity.

The only significant defect in modern Pentax cameras compared to the opposition is the relatively slow AF. I would expect that Ricoh would be concerned to rectify that problem, and I hope they will have had time to do so.

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dougf8 wrote:
USB3/wifi tethering

dual card slots

Yes and to add

Faster af

Noise improvement

More focus points

I would like to be able to charge the batteries in the body and the grip by just plugging in a charger without having to keep removing the grip.

Bigger viewfinder

Bigger buffer 30 to 40 raws would be good....
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Faster/Better AF and even better high ISO performance. oh and no limit on the number of time lapse images please. 999 is a pointless limitation
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- Electronic Level: function to set zero point
- Predictive AF (not just faster)
- Smaller AF points
- Dedicated video button
- AF during video
- More sensible video codec (to reduce the ridiculous file sizes)
- Return to Key/Lock design of the K10/20 card door
- Allow catch-in-focus with AF lenses without A/M switch
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Having only just managed to get the K5 I don't want ANY improvements in the next model!
Otherwise I'll be SO jealous!
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at the end of the day we will get whatever they give, it will probably suit some and not others as always happens and then we get the usual moaning and groaning and why didn,t they do this or that,so arises another pointless thread. if you really don,t like it you can jump ship, but i dare say when you start to look closely at the opposition like for like there will only be a whisker in the differences that in the real world make no difference
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The only practical improvement I would actually like, apart from the continuing technical advances, is a bertter card door. The spacing just has to be right - it's fine on the Q but a bit tight for space on the K-5.
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twin sd card slots and AF on video would be good

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A free one of whatever it turns out to be would make me happy - tis my birthday at the weekend

I would like Penatx to release an ff model as well as a k5 replacement, I am very unlikely to buy one but it would certainly fill a gap for many others and if they threw in a few longer lenses and ff lens models this would suit others as well - I reckon that would be nice.

I have not long got the k5 and I am pleased with it so what I want is irrelevant at least for a few years
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Right now what I really want would be....a release date and a specification!


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Nothing for my simple needs. Fewer menu options. I wonder how many photographers who need the capabilities of a K5 actually process their RAW pics with it, for example. Has anyone cropped a photo using the camera's processing?

The return of the on/off SR lever would be nice.

It will be interesting to see what Pentax strategy is given that the Nikon D600 could shake up the marketplace somewhat.
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