Welsh Kayleigh Danceing


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Last Night I had the opertunity to attend a welsh kayleigh, Which for anyone who desent know is kicd of like irish box danceing or country danceing.
Lots of spinning people, hand clapping and general mayhem!

Anyways I thought it would be a intresting learning kerb to have a shot at the action with my k20 and the kit lens as I cant dance :-p
I was planning on useiing my new pentax 135mm lens but couldnt get far away enough!

I think I did a good job of setting the camera up to freeze the action allthough I have not brought a flash gun yet so I was relying on the built in.
I have had to edit most of these in PS with the shaddow/highlight tool as there was alot of shadows around the floor and background, also cropped 1 or 2 otherwise they are untouched.

Just for info I had the camera set to shutter priority mode, with a trailing flash and a speed of 45 (I think) all were hand held.

I noticed some have quite alot of noise in, apart from a beter flash has anyone got anyways of getting these sort of shots beter?

Lil Andy

K20D, PENTAX DA 18-55, TAMRON DI 70-300, PENTAX SMC-K 135 f2.5



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No cc off anyone ?
Lil Andy

K20D, PENTAX DA 18-55, TAMRON DI 70-300, PENTAX SMC-K 135 f2.5



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Apparently not!

Party Pics are a necessary part of the Party! These provide a good record of people enjoying themselves.

If you want to up the game a little, I would try some real close-ups of faces, swirling feet, just sections of the action as it unfolds. Also you might conside having a go with a fast lens (50mm f1.4 is ideal), high ISO and available light. What you are missing here is the wonderful multi-colour of disco lights.
Best regards, John


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'Ceilidh', surely? 'Kayleigh' is a girl's name. On camera flash destroys atmosphere effortlessly, I'm afraid.
“We must avoid however, snapping away, shooting quickly and without thought, overloading ourselves with unnecessary images that clutter our memory and diminish the clarity of the whole.” - Henri Cartier-Bresson -


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Strictly speaking it was a twmpath

The flash has destroyed the atmosphere and like John I would have preferred some close ups of feet or faces. They all seem very washed out, even for on-camera flash photos. Are these crops?


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Thanks Guys, 2 Or 3 of them are crops but most are as taken with some brightness adjustment.
Considering there was poor light (only 4 lantern style 100w lights if I remember) I thought useing the flash instead of the high ISO would be beter.

If ime reading the exif correctly (sensitivity?) these were all shot at 400.
They seem to be quite noisy now so if I shot them at a higher ISO without the flash wouldnt they of been noisier? Or have I got this wrong somewhere :-s

Oh learning is so hard sometimes!! LOL

Further help and advice apreciated
Lil Andy

K20D, PENTAX DA 18-55, TAMRON DI 70-300, PENTAX SMC-K 135 f2.5



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OK as a second ponder looking back at the pics above they seem alot brighter than when I edited them on another PC.
So here are some of the above cropped but untouched in any other way do you think these are better?

Oh and sorry I forgot to answer other q's in last post. Spelling of "kayleigh" in welsh I am not sure of but that is how it was spelt to me as well as sounded lol.

And thanks for the shot advice John, As it happens I purchased a pentax 50mm f1.4 last night off ebay so ile see how that fairs up next time one is held (harvest I think??)
I was going to try a long exposure time with a trailing flash to get a ghoast dancer effect but i completely forgot at the time
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A ceilidh in Welsh is a twmpath, but they also use the Gaelic Ceilidh or even the Breton keili.

The second set of photos are much much better as far as colour and atmosphere go.


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While I was writing this you posted the second batch - much better.

The noise might be a result of brightness adjustment - essentially the same as high iso.

I agree with the other comments - lovely memories but not high art.
For interesting images, I use manual settings with a little flash and a little ambient.

Stick with the flash but turn it down to a low setting (fn button). this little pulse of light will give you the picture and stop the movement but won't drown out the atmosphere.

Set the camera to TV mode and shutter to about 1/30th or less. (as low as 1/4 sec). After seeing what the camera wants to do, experiment with manual and under exposing the ambient light, leaving the flash to gently expose the foreground.

Don't worry about dark areas or blur, both good

If you have enough light, fire away on auto focus, otherwise set the focus to manual and guess the distance (don't try and focus).

Try having a dance yourself at the same time! it will add to the sense of movement

BTW, I have never, ever used TV mode so on this I am guessing!
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Thanks for that Gwyn. Ime half welsh but cant speak a word!!

Darkmunk, These were shot in TV mode (guess i did something right :-p)
Shutter speed was set to 1/45th.
I was useing AF all the time.

I didnt know you could adjust the internal flash though so thanks for that. I take it -2 is less intense and +1 more intense correct?
I thought it was a set intensity
Nevermind I know next time!! Thanks for the advice!
Lil Andy

K20D, PENTAX DA 18-55, TAMRON DI 70-300, PENTAX SMC-K 135 f2.5

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