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Weird lens issue.


Link Posted 13/10/2022 - 14:35
Out of curiosity a while back I purchased from the bay a 24mm Miranda PK A lens. Cheap because it had a smidge of fungus, but I cleaned it up and it seemed OK. I decided I liked the format and found another cheapie, a Sigma PK A 24mm lens. On arrival, the lens looked in very good order but wouldn't fit the camera body. I saw it had the 'Ricoh pin' and did some surgery to remove it. Nope! It still won't fit. The lens seats in the camera body but will only turn a couple degrees, if that, before a very solid, "I ain't goin" stop. I have spent a significant amount of time examining the camera end of the Sigma lens with the same view of the Miranda lens and try as I might, I can see no difference whatever. The Miranda lens also had the Ricoh pin, now removed, and is a tight fit, but it works as it should. Has anyone else experienced similar?


Link Posted 13/10/2022 - 14:47
is it the Sigma 24mm Super-Wide? Mine goes on to a K-1 mk1 ok, and a K-20. Have you tried holding down the lens release button while you mount the lens. For some reason I had to do this at first time, but not since.
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Link Posted 13/10/2022 - 16:00
Sounds like the mount might've been damaged at one point. Happened to my FA50/1.4, it wouldn't click after it met the cobbles in Bruges.
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Link Posted 13/10/2022 - 16:36
I've got a Cosina 24mm f2.8 from film days. It fits snugly on my K20D as well as film cameras but resisted so much when trying to mount it on the K3 that I haven't dared try to force it all the way. Tolerances have to be tight for a lens mount. I assumed that Cosina had slightly wider manufacturing tolerances than Pentax, most of the time there would be no problem but if you had a lens at the extreme end of their tolerances and a camera at the opposite end of Pentax's tolerances you'd be out of luck.


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