We always seem to pay more!


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Once again I'm angry (ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!)after following a link on one of the other sites for the new 50mm DA 1.8 lens - in the USA on a well known site the price is $249.95 - while here in the UK at a another well know site 249! How many times have we seen this and how unfair that we have to put up with it all this time - it's not like wages are higher over here. Moan over!


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It is not only in the UK that this happens - in Europe prices are nearly always higher than in either the UK or the US. Of course the Daily Mail and it's ilk doesn't point that out in rantings about rip off Britain.

It's 299 here which is marginally cheaper than in Britain (235 GBP) due to the low Euro rate at the moment but it is $368 if you convert Euros to dollars.


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It always used to be the case that whatever the price was in dollars then that would approximately be the price in pounds. If that's the final street price it looks like nothing's changed.
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Get a second hand FA50/1.4 for about 200. great lens. Probably built better as well.
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It's a possibility, or even a new f1.4 for just under 300, but there are just two features that might make a difference.

Firstly, the more rounded aperture blades of the new DA just might be an advantage. Secondly, the QuickShift facility is rather nice to have.

I'll be interested to see the final "settled" price in due course.
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I'm afraid Pentax are playing silly b*****s with their prices at the moment raising them steeply so they can present them at special offer prices like one of those cheap sofa companies. That price for a plastic mount lens is a joke. Some customers will get ripped off before the price is reduced to what it should have been in the first place. I think this is a cheap shot.
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I needed a lens cap for a recently acquired X90, UK dealer 9.99 US dealer 7.99 including postage, guess who got my bussines. If you know someone who goes to the US on there hols it is a great time to ask them to fetch you a little something back.
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Looking at the SRS site, the 50mm f1.8 is still unpriced. Some lenses seem to have been reduced and the 50mm f1.4, still available it seems despite being thought discontinued for years now, is 289. Not bad.

For preference I think I'd go for the 40mm f2.8 Limited or 43mm f1.9 Limited if funds allowed.
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The lenses have been reduced after a brief price hike. Some prices are back down to pre-hike prices, some are above. Hardly a reduction, just a marketing ploy (by Pentax). If anyone bought the lens at the increased prices then they were ripped off.
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Amazon today say the rrp is 399.99 GBP and they are offering it for 297 GBP.


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Amazon also say they use (mainly) UK suppliers!

Don't believe it, a company trading on Amazon as BestDealUK are actually in Hong Kong!

Check the origin before ordering anything nowadays, even on ebay and Amazon.

As for 250ish, I still say it's 100 too much for this lens.
Cheers, HG

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Curiously when I followed the link in my e-mail it turned out to be for the FA 1.4 not the new lens at all, though that is what my email said. Very odd.
It is being sold by Amazon though not a third party seller.

Edit: Just had a new e-mail from Amazon with the correct lens in it - the FA 1.4. Someone messed up it seems. I wonder how many got the first e-mail?

I've never bought anything like that from Amazon anyway, I'd rather go to SRS or a local supplier, even though I know Amazon's customer service is superb.
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Amazon can be superb. There's just no variation from policy, so anything must be returned within 30 days. Otherwise I don't know, it might take a few phone calls.

Still, I've never had a problem and have always bought with confidence. When we got to our third Kindle all was fine again. In the meantime, Sue was issuing steam from both ears.....
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Slightly off-topic (perhaps) - camera bodies are duty exempt. You only pay VAT on import to the UK. Typically, lenses and other accessories are liable for import tax of between 4-7%, as well as VAT. It is also important to note that the correct customs tariff number is applied to these goods, to ensure that the correct level of duty is charged. If you purchase a kit from outwith the EU, get the seller to break it down into its component parts on the invoice, as follows:

PENTAX (model name) BODY
PENTAX (focal range) LENS

If it is described as a KIT, you may inadvertently be asked to pay duty/vat on everything (body included), then you will have a fight on your hands to get HMRC to rectify this.
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Maybe not quite on topic, but why do Pentax not make a 'Budget' 1.8 50mm like the other Dslr Manufacturers, would be interesting to know how many people would like one, if the price was under the 100 mark.

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