Water turned to fire


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I wasn't sure where to put this for critique. I took a picture of a waterfall with My pentax K30, and minipulated it (mucked it up more like) to make it look like flames. (got the 60's song 'fire' by the Crazy World of Arther Brown in my head)

Anyway! Can you tell me if this works, or should I 'burn' it off and start again? Thanks.

Also did these surfers in Bournemouth. Dunno if that works, looks a bit purple but hey it's only a bit of fun

For all you who don't know the song, click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOErZuzZpS8
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I hate to be completely negative but I am trying to do this to be kind.

Everyone plays around with Photoshop at the start, but please don't think you can take an average photograph and do some playing around to make it artistic.

Forget Photoshop entirely for now and concentrate on taking photographs. You will get better results far sooner that way.

(And just to clarify, we've all been through this phase!)
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Don't mind Gareth, he's just pissed off cos' your producing better pictures than his Nikon
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There not great pics but I'm still learning. I did them in Google +

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I really like these
Two and three would probably sell to a company that
make posters/framed prints.

They need a slightly better crop.

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

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I think the colour may need toning down a bit
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AuraTodd, if you enjoy being creative with photoshop, then carry on doing what you're doing. I like your pics - demonstrates imagination. There are many approaches to photography and each valid in its own right. Gareth has his, you have yours - well done for posting.


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I lke these
“We must avoid however, snapping away, shooting quickly and without thought, overloading ourselves with unnecessary images that clutter our memory and diminish the clarity of the whole.” - Henri Cartier-Bresson -


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If you like them then that's all that matters, I personally think they are very good, just keep on doing what pleases you!!! It's good to have other people's opinions but that's all they are, opinions.
All the best

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Those are interesting - not really my thing but still creative and different

Where would we be if no one ever tried some thing different - well done
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Nice work Aura, like the song these have a 60's psychedelic feel to them. Keep experimenting and learning how to break the rules of conventionality. I still like your lone bomber pic best. You seem to be developing a style here, I like it.
As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.



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Nice work, I really like the last two photos.


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Keep experimenting Louise. Even if you produce some bummers at first you will be learning your way round PS and the experiments will give you great experience.
These particular pictures don't really appeal to me but that doesn't matter, plenty of people will love them. Lu summed them up - they have a 1960s psychedelic feel.
I was there at the time and I don't think the 1960s were as good as people today crack them up to be.

PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
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