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Tried taking some pictures of the sea on my Pentax kx at a slow
Shutter speed but couldn't get very slow without overexposing so have been told I can fix this with an nd filter so is anyone selling one? Would be used on the kit lens. Don't know a lot about them so would also appreciate suggestions thanks.
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Depending on what you are after, shouldn't be too expensive to buy new. If you just want a screw in filter for the kit lens then something like:


would probably do you. If you want a square lens filter system (that can be used on more than one lens) the cost is higher and there are more choices.

Consider that slower shutter speeds means a tripod (or convenient rock).
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It depends when you want to take the photos too..in the low light at evening/sunrise a 3 or 4 stop is very useful but in bright daylight the 10stop comes into it's own, a 3 or 4 stop would still struggle to produce the effects I guess you're aiming for

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