Using AF360FGZ - Red-eye reduction


Link Posted 17/06/2004 - 18:42
Hi all,

This may sound like, in fact probably is, a daft question !!

When using the AF360FGZ on an MZ3 in a "direct flash" situation i.e. no bounce, catch-light or other method of diffusion, how does one control the dreaded red-eye. Having just run off the first couple of rolls of film in a long time - managed to leave the *istD out of my hands for a short while - but not yet having seen the results, it suddenly struck me that on the few occasions I used the 360 there was no "pre-flash". And looking through the manuals doesn't exactly help either.

Anybody got any views?

Philip Taylor

Link Posted 31/07/2004 - 06:45
I can't help you with your question and I assume you now know the answer...I also have the *istD and have just ordered my 360 FGZ and wondered what your results were like (as I will occasionally be using it with my MZ-5n which I assume wont use a preflash.

just greg

Link Posted 31/07/2004 - 12:47
I do a fair amount of general party type photos using the ist film with AF360FGZ and find the pre flash an annoyance, now I don’t worry about it and use a red eye pen (Kodak) so far no one has picked it, maybe not the thing for wedding etc but in general terms it works great
it went clunk instead of click opps


Link Posted 31/07/2004 - 16:45
I will have to check when I get home, but I thought you could scroll through the in-camera flash settings using the small button above the AF/MF switch (or AF sensor switch, I forget which side it's on) until you get the automatic red-eye reduction setting. You're looking for a symbol that, unsurprisingly, looks like an eye.

I can't remember if the MZ-3 has this feature, I use one at present, but have used a few different cameras, and one of those certainly had it.


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