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I'm not totally new here but I've not posted anything for five or more years. I was an early adopter of the *ist D and mine is just a day or two off its seventh birthday. I'm beginning to think it's a bit slow and its low light performance which I once thought was quite good is now seriously behind the times. A lot of my photography is indoors and I prefer to use natural light when I can.

So an upgrade would seem to be called for; at least I needn't debate whether the improvements will be marginal or not!

If I go for the K5 what unwanted surprises will lie in wait for me? I anticipate that my Photoshop CS3 won't handle the RAW files but I expect my old M lenses will be usable with the obvious restrictions. Am I right on both counts?

Will I have to buy a charger for the battery or does the camera not come with a rechargeable power system?

My only new(ish) flash unit is an AF-360FGZ. Usable I hope. What about the cable release and remote? I occasionally used a Bellows M from the 1980s on the *ist D. It only just fits because of the body shape which is bulbous under the inbuilt flash. I understand the K5 has the same body shape as the K5, so maybe someone knows if the K7 has protrusions which get in the way of the Bellows unit.

If anyone can think of more potential problems I'd be pleased to hear about them. I don't suppose it will put me off a K5 but I'd rather come to terms with any additional expenditure before visiting a dealer rather than when producing the credit card.


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Personally, I would wait for the K5.

It's not likely that PS CS3 will handle K5 RAW files, and your M lenses will work fine, but not as well as they do on the *istD.

All Pentax DSLR's having a custom Lithium Ion battery are supplied with a charger.

Your AF360FGZ will work fine too. With regard to the bellows issue. I solved the problem by attaching a short extension tube between camera and bellows.

SRS Microsystems in Watfod are having an open day on 9th October where you will be able to tryout the K5. Just don't be surprised if the queue extends to Bushey.
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If you shoot RAW in DNG format you will have no trouble with PS CS3 as it's native Adobe Digital Negative.

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Thank you all for the world-wide response. It seems that I won't have significant expense above the price of the camera. DNG format had passed me by, I assume it's now a file option on Pentax. Adobe don't seem to list Pentax on their list of DNG supporters.

And thanks for the bellows suggestion, the scales are all wrong for the digital sensor so may as well make them more wrong with a spacer.

Presumably the comment on M lenses not working as well on a K5 is some highly complex interaction between lens resolution and pixel size. I'll assume it's a marginal effect as new lenses weren't on the shopping list right now - though my 16-45 DA may one day annoy me enough with its counter-intuitive lens extension when set to wide to prompt an exchange for something with a bit more reach at the tele end.


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AFAIK, DNG RAW format was available as an option to PEF in every Pentax DSLR from the K10D onwards but I've not checked the K-5. Glad to be of some help.

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malcolmk wrote:
Presumably the comment on M lenses not working as well on a K5 is some highly complex interaction between lens resolution and pixel size.

No, nothing to do with that.

Pentax changed something in the aperture mechanics department after the first few models and exposure calculation using stop down metering has some issues, but none that can't be easily resolved.

I can't give a more precise answer because I have no manual lenses any more, but I'm sure others here can enlighten you further.
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given what you've been using, I'd think you could look at the kr and take the money you save and buy a 100mm macro.... you'd give up weather sealing but still get a big performance boost... you are also gonna need some new memory cards and a card reader. the istd uses cf, no? you need sd cards....
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I shall drop in on SRS on Saturday to get the feel of the new kit.

I'm coming to the conclusion that the time may have come to ditch my M lenses and get myself up to date. My M's range from 300* to 15mm via 100mm Macro and 28mm F2. Due to inconvenience they don't get used a lot, the 16-45D and the 135M do most of the work.

So maybe the new 18-135 possibly augmented by a 14mm may be all I require; having left the enthusiasm of youth well behind I don't feel I need the very last word in performance.

I suspect the M lenses are worth almost nothing and if I get rid of them the opportunity exists to abandon Pentax altogether, but I first aspired to one in the 1960s and I find myself strangely attracted to the brand. Maybe that is silly.

Please excuse the thinking out loud, but it's a big step and the forum has helped bring me up to date having neglected the Pentax scene for the past seven years.
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