Ultra Violet sensitivity


Link Posted 29/04/2008 - 00:32
Does anyone have any information Re: the sensitivity of the sensor used by Pentax to UV??
I have searched 2 forums and the net. All I have so far is on the following site


There is nothing specific to the pentax sensor which I believe is manufactured by Sony?

NZ has very high levels of UV due to the ozone hole. It affects conventional film cameras quite badly unless a UV filter is used.
But is a filter as neccessary with a DSLR? (apart from lens protection)




Link Posted 01/05/2008 - 13:53
Pentax use three different sensors for their digital SLRs: 6MP, 10MP and 14MP. The 14MP one in the K20D is not just a different make, but a different type altogether.

www.dpfwiw.com/filters.htm#uv states that UV affects digital sensors to a "much lesser extent than film", and elsewhere I've seen it suggested that UV has virtually no affect on digital at all. I've not read anything specific to Pentax on this subject, so I assume it's likely to be the same for them.

Since you get a lot of UV light, it would be easy for you to test if a UV filter makes any significant diffference. I would be interested to see the results, too.


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Yes thanks Pete,
I have a *istD and a K100D - I think they both have the same sony sensor.
In the absence of much info on the web, I have been considering doing just as you suggested.
We have a large plateau in the central South Island surrounded by mountains up to 10,000 ft.. Only a 3 hour drive from here. Lots of UV - very blue pictures on film.
I will take both cameras and a selection of lenses and try for myself, with and without UV filters.

I will post any results I get.


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