Two Helios lenses.


Link Posted 10/03/2010 - 20:37
I have two Helios M44 threaded manual focus lenses for sale, an older 44-2 and the newer 44M.

The 44M is in excellent condition, the focusing is possibly a bit stiff, but every Helios M I've seen has been the same. It's not so stiff that it unscrews from the adaptor when you focus.
There's no fungus or dust on the lens, no damage or scratches, the aperture blades are good with no oil and are perfectly free.
It's a decent lens and it's for sale because I have another in equally good condition that I have done the pin lock conversion on.

The other Helios is the older 44-2 with the aperture ring on the front and a stop down ring behind that.
This lens has been used, make no mistake about that. But it's still a good useable lens.
There is a tiny spot of oil on one aperture blade but it isn't slowing the movement or jamming the blades. The lens is free of fungus and surprisingly dust and scratch free.
The focusing barrel shows wear in one spot where the Zenit leather case rubbed against it, but other than that it isn't knocked about, bent or scratched, I call it "patina"

I have non original caps for the back of both lenses and a 52mm cap for the front of the M lens

I'm open to offers for both and postage will have to be paid by the buyer as well.

I live in Ironbridge Shropshire if anyone is interested in collecting.
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