Tripod clip locks won't shut


Link Posted 15/01/2013 - 23:49

I have a problem with my Velbon Sherpa 600R - one of the clip locks won't keep shut. It keeps springing back up and as a result the legs won't stay locked.. it would matter less (though still annoying) if it was on the lower leg, but it's on the top one..

I have Velbon a ring and they said they won't repair it under warranty because i don't have proof of purchase (second hand), and since it's still in such good nick, I can't really justify buying another tripod.. Any help/ ideas?

I have washed it (it's been in the sea/sand), dried it, relubed it, etc etc..
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Link Posted 16/01/2013 - 00:34
There'll be a nut that you can tighten up in the mechanism somewhere, or it may need to be loosened. Or there may be something stuck in the hinged bit of the clip. If you can't see it, go and visit your friendly local camera shop, see if they can spot the problem.

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There isn't a nut, there is a screw thing that has no bit for you to screw tighter so I can't do anything (you can tell by my vocabulary that I come from a long line of mechanical engineers).

I don't think there are any friendly local camera shops left in the UK
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Link Posted 16/01/2013 - 09:41
There could be a pin acting as a hinge. Check where the pin is fixed both on the lever and on the leg; you're looking for cracks in the plastic.

OR, if you could take and post a good quality photo of the lock?
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I have exactly the same problem on a Manfrotto Modo tripod I use for holidays. I've put an elastic band onto the tripod leg and stretch it over the clip when closed to stop it opening. Not perfect but it works. Have tried to use Manfrotto's spare part webpage to buy new clip but as clear as fog. Have you tried Velbon spares. I would imagine a new clip if you can get one would be quite easy to fit.

Especially as you come from a long line of mechanical engineers
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I managed to sort of wedge it shut by inserting a piece of paper between the lock, but obviously that's not a long term solution (unless I can stick something thing in there permanently?)
It sounds odd, but I'm going to experiment by setting it on fire (melt the plastic a bit). Wish me luck...


Link Posted 16/01/2013 - 22:58
I think I may have solved it.. I removed the defective leg, left it wedged shut on top of a radiator to heat the plastic.. and keeping it wedged shut then dunked it into some ice water 1hr later.

So far, I've dried it off and it seems to be locking fine (if a little loosely), the clip doesn't snap confidently as it used to, but at least its shut.. will keep you posted..

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