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from Manitoba to Newbrunswic/NovaScotia.....
any roads, scenics, Bed&Breakfasts you can recommend to somebody traveling by motorcycle, looking for photos?
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In my experience when you look on the map and the roads are all wiggly then everything else falls into place. Great fun swinging thru the bends and the bends are there cos there's something in the way which means nice scenery. Bingo! I am already soooo jealous.
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Have a look on here Don you might get some info. I too am envious of your trip, the main thing is take your time and enjoy!
I am hoping to get down to Gibraltar next year, on the Trophy. You can't beat a good road trip

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We're planning to drive Route 66 for our honeymoon in February, sure I'm not going to get so many bends though!



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Unfortunately, you already said you didn't want to stop in Québec. On another post (WHAT-YOU-WANT-FOR-CHRISTMAS), I offered to take you for a ride 2000 ft. high to see the Laurentians and didn't get an answer. Is it that you like 2 wheels more than 2 wings? I'm still waiting for an answer, but I must tell you that I'm not very patient.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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I'm very interested in your offer, sorry for not replying....I've had the craziest 2 weeks.......I'm planning the trip for next summer....this week has been xrays/ct scans/bloodwork photography shops safety inspections.....licencing/insurance.....
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You mentioned going across 17 to Ottawa - it's an OK trip if you like trees and rocks... If you have the time, you should go down Southern Ontario way... Check out Wasaga beach on the way south and then take a quick tour through Niagara (Wine country - doncha know), and maybe check out Prince Edward County (Sandbanks - one of the nicest freshwater beaches in North America) and Kingston and the Thousand Islands district (some incredible B&B's here). I don't know if you live far enough west to actively dislike Toronto (the demark changes person to person) but there are lots of things to see...
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From there on, you can stop in Morrisburg to see Upper Canada Village (if you like history), then, a wee bit closer to Cornwall, there is the "Long Sault Migratory Bird Sanctuary" which is a nice park on the Saint-Lawrence River. From there, you're about an hour drive from Montréal.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


Link Posted 18/10/2008 - 10:41
Don, I can't help but I am envious. have a great trip!

Unlocker, remember to take plenty of warm clothes for Rte 66 - we did it in March 2002, packing was a challenge. Snow in Chicago, warmth in Oklahoma and Texas - we picnicked at Palo Duro Canyon, where it was hot and gorgeous to boot, bl**%y freezing in New Mexico, snow again at Grand Canyon, and then 22 degrees in California.
Make sure you have a really good guide book to get you off the freeways and onto the old road. It is a wonderful drive. We followed the old route all the way, including visiting Las Vegas, New Mexico (Las Vegas Nevada was never on the route but is often included nowadays).
If you get the chance visit Cahokia Mounds near St Louis. Fascinating place, also the Cowboy museum in OKC.
If you want any more advice PM me! We hope to do it again one day.


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here's me!

Gwyn you check your messages lately?
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I've already travelled southern ontario extensivley.
used to live in Newmarket. Been to many a party in Wassaga Beach. Lived in Aurora and Thorald (used to bounce at bar called Gords' in Thorald) got relatives out near St. Catherines and been to the 'Falls.....
so as much as I'd love to go that way, been there done that....would wind up looking up old friends, staying too long, never finish the trip to the east coast!
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Link Posted 19/10/2008 - 10:27
Hey Don, the bike looks very nice! Can't say the same for the rider though Is that a custom seat?
Hope you don't mind me adding a photo of my old faithful to your thread(?), could be a show us your bike thread
This was taken in the Spanish Pyrenees 2007, with a K*dak.


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Link Posted 19/10/2008 - 11:08
nice ride!
I'm not sure about the seat, will look closer later, I don't think so...
That'd be more comfy for a long haul, for sure... but did I mention The dealer had listed the fz1 at $4800.00, told us the guy wouldn't take a dime less than $4500.00? Gerri got it for $3300.00!!! It's paid in full, and no monthly payments. We coulda managed an fj 1300, but I think the smaller lighter bike, coming at the same time as the doctors reports about my neck, was my good friend Howard (Our Father who art in Heaven, Howard be Thy name...) was telling me something...
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Good old Triumph takes me back abit.


Link Posted 19/10/2008 - 23:00
Just came back from "No Internet Land" and what do I see?

Don on new wheels?

Man, that Gerri! Great deal!

When you get into Quebec, you'll only be about 50K from either my city or country place. When you tire of my hospitality (and George's Bowmore recommendations), I'll take you up to Pentaxian450's place if his fly-over offer is still open. The Laurentians from the air is a must!

Keep me in the loop via PM's as plans unfold and take care.

Mac from Montreal

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