trailing curtain flashgun?


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hi all, I was interested in doing some shots using the trailing curtain mode on my K3.
I have 2 YONGNUO 560-III flash guns and have now realised they are not compatible for the trailing curtain mode.
shame really....
can anyone recommend a similar flash (similar budget and power) to support this mode?
its all new to me....I wanted to photograph cars with light trails etc.

many thanks

Pentax K3 Pentax SMC-FA 50mm 1.4
Pentax Kr Pentax SMC D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro
SMC DAL 18-55mm Pentax SMC DA 18-270mm F3.5-6.3
SMC DAL 55-300mm Pentax DA 15mm HD F4ED AL
SMC Pentax-M 1:2.8 28mm


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I'm keen to hear your findings on this as I'm in the same boat. I was quite keen on the Yongnuos but it appears Pentax isn't as compatible with these/other cheap models. I too was looking at both the trailing flash (seems ideal for the likes of car trails as you say) and also High Speed Sync modes.

I still can't work out why you have to buy a HSS capable flash to mount to the Pentax body to act as a trigger for other HSS off camera flashes. Seems like a crazy oversight there and one for the future camera developments: the ability to wirelessly trigger a flash without having to buy an on camera accessory, or at least the ability to attach a cheap wireless trigger that can command HSS capable flashes off camera.


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I was quite keen on the Yongnuos but it appears Pentax isn't as compatible with these/other cheap models.

Fixed it for you

I was quite keen on the Yongnuos but it appears these cheap models are not as compatible with Pentax as they are with other brands.

Pentax is under no obligation to make their brand compatible with any other brand.

I really fail to understand where all the whinging about pentax comes from, if your not happy with the brand go get another
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Why should a camera manufacturer make their cameras compatible with 3rd party flashes?
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It has always been for the 3rd party flash manufacturer to make their flash units fit the camera, not the other way around.
Some do but lots don't, they don't want the cost of making their products compatible with camera dedicated features. One of the reasons why they are cheaper.

This has been the same since the camera manufacturers started adding dedicated features to their flash systems.
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