Three takes on one image at the Oculus


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During my recent visit to New York, we visited the new Oculus railway station. It provides an amazing variety of photographic opportunities and I'd recommend it highly. As the station is full of people taking photos, no worries about taking photos (although I guess a tripod would be frowned upon).

As I was editing the photo below, I kept going just a bit further, so I thought I would see what y'all think. Version 1 is the original image (taken using Kodak Portra) with just a slight crop of the frame and some tweaks to the colour balance in Lightroom. The mixed lighting in the Oculus means that it is hard (?impossible) to really get the nice cream colour of the structure. In Version 2, therefore, I converted the image to BW which I think works better. Lastly, in version 3, I decided to use a much heavier crop. This crop is much more than I would usually risk with 35mm film so I toned the grain down a little using the noise reduction tools in Lightroom.

The photo was taken using an ME Super with a SMC Pentax 'K' 135mm f/2.5 lens.

Man at the Oculus (version 1) par Kris Lockyear, on ipernity

Man at the Oculus (version 2) par Kris Lockyear, on ipernity

Man at the Oculus (version 3) par Kris Lockyear, on ipernity
Kris Lockyear
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Well I prefer the subtle tones of the first one best. a very fine image with the Man adding to the geometry of the picture.

I find the objects (not a clue what they are) in the bottom right a distraction but you can't crop them out without changing the scale of the image. I don't think the third works as well for that reason

I would have a go at a bit of photoshop wizardry on them.

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I prefer the first version, for the light, which seems to have diffused in version 2. Otherwise, I would probably prefer the b+w. I agree with Peter the crop doesn't work quite well - but I don't mind the objects (projectors?) in the first two, they bring a rather welcome counterweight to their side of the image. Well seen!
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