Thistles in the Evening Light

Belinda B.

Link Posted 26/07/2009 - 22:32

Belinda B.


Link Posted 26/07/2009 - 23:45
I like this - the backlighting is nice.

It looks underexposed, and improved when I boosted the contrast in Picasa. Also, I might give it a big crop, basically cut it in half and use only the right side.
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Link Posted 27/07/2009 - 07:26
I agree with GivingTree on both counts I think it needs a little more work.


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George Lazarette

Link Posted 28/07/2009 - 12:22
I rather like it as it is. There is a mysterious quality about it that appeals.

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Link Posted 28/07/2009 - 20:25
I'm no thistle expert but I think those thistles are teasels.
Either way, the warm, low light through the leaves and around the flower heads is very evocative of balmy summer evenings and I too like the picture just the way it is.
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