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It's a terrible burden liking photography. There are so many things to want...we got the Q, no problem. Then I could really do with a K-01. That would be useful doing table top product photography, on a tripod and with the screen a good way to avoid a crick in the neck.

An MX-1 would be really nice. I fancy one of those, very classy and I know the lenses are good. Then there's a K-5 IIs please, I like the texture of its images. A 645D would be a real luxury, but how good would those images be...don't even get me started on lenses. The list is long.

Still I have had one lucky escape. I've been tasked with selling a few camera collections this year and all those lovely items were varied but had huge amounts of Olympus gear. If those had been Pentax I would have been doomed. I wouldn'y have wanted to sell, I'd have wanted to buy.

Still, plenty of time not to want things when we're all gone, so carry on!
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simples John - an entire collection of FA* lenses - NEW.

and to use them on some of the more recent DSLRs and sell on 'previously enjoyed' gear on here...selling Pentax gear is much easier than other brands I can tell you - just thank Pentax Corporation that they don't date stamp Canon
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Only 3 as far as lenses go:

FA 31mm Ltd
Voigtlander APO Lanthar f/2.5
Tamron SP 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di USD

PPG link

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Start buying lottery ticket on a regular basis?
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