Testing RUSSIAN film with PENTAX !

Peter Elgar

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Kind Gent from DENMARK sent me lots of 35mm ORWO films then another pack arrived with 6 rolls 120 ORWO NP22 BUT also with 2 rolls 120 RUSSIAN 'SVEMA FD 64" dated 09/1993 WoW ! I never ever used any 'Russian Fillum ! I did a preliminary test in my Rolleicord VB 1962 with 16-on set and CUT the film and processed -- a bit ' Faint' set images so i loaded rest of roll into my Pentax 6x7 Mk II that I have not used for a long time. I rated film at 40 ASA and processed in my 'Home-Made FX-4 Formula 1+1' for 'guessed' 9,5 mins @ 20oC and got some better density negs BUT film has a high Fog Level and 'blotches' and even some Fungus at end frame on roll ! It was not X-ray by Customs at UK Border as ORWO dated 1992 had fog level but no 'blotches or fungus' and test negs scanned OK from the ORWO I show 2 frames taken indoors -- auto exposure, Tiger by Daylight and other by Tungsten lamps ( No Animals were harmed in the making of these Images )

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Peter.....Be careful that tiger looks ferocious.

nice photos.


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great shooting
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Your film processing is spot on
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