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A question for all you Astrophotography buffs.

I have a mate who wants to attach his Km (or is it Kx?) to a "Meade ETX-90" telescope, does anyone know if this is a readily available adaptor or will he have to get one made?
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Peter Bargh

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He needs to buy a telescope adaptor and a Pentax K T2 mount. The T2 mount couples the universal telescope adaptor with the camera.


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I presume that this will also work with spotting scopes?
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Peter Bargh

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As long as the scope has the same eyepiece diameter it should yes. I think they're a pretty common size.


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Thanks for the info Peter. It was the fitting on the Telescope I wasn't sure of, but if they are universal theres no problem.
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Father Ted

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He'll need something like this
with something like this

That will allow him to connect the camera straight onto the scope, or drop an eyepiece into the tube for greater magnification ( but harder to focus! )
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

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Looking at the Meade site, an adapter appears to be needed to provide a T-thread connection on the ETX-90. You can find a description of this adapter (Meade 64ST Adapter #07366 for photography with the Meade ETX-60, ETX-70 and ETX-80 models) here.

There after, a Pentax K-mount to T-thread adapter will be needed to couple to the Pentax camera body.

This will enable PRIME FOCUS imaging. For afocal projection using an eyepiece, different adapters will be needed.


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Thanks guys.
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