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Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me - i am looking for a 1.4x or 1.5x teleconverter that has the contacts for the HSM and OS on a sigma 150-500.
I wasted 110 on a Kenko 1.5x DG P/AF that i purchased on ebay, the converter had the 2 contacts on the side that mounts to the camera but were absent from the lens side so neither HSM or OS functioned.
My girlfriend has the AW Pentax 1.4x but I am looking for a cheaper alternative, I have limited mobility so the extra reach of 1.4x is much needed
I have available funds and at the moment can travel anytime anywhere


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To be perfectly honest. I would suggest that rather than trawling through the classifieds or forums with the hope of obtaining what you want cheaply. It would be an awful lot better to actually invest in a brand new HD-DA 1.4x converter.
As your namesake would say, it is "quite remarkable"
I know they are not cheap but you do get the following:-

1. Full weather sealing
2. The latest HD coating
3. The SDM/DC contacts
4. The screw drive for none SDM/DC lenses
5. It is full frame capable.
6. It is stunning with most lenses. Well I say most, there are a small number that you can't use it for due to the rear element moving so far back in use it would hit the converter glass.

I know it is not cheap, but seriously it is the best K-mount ever.

I hope this helps.
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I have the Kenko 1.5x with the SDM contacts which I don't use any more as I bought the Pentax converter. If you are interested I can PM you.
No equipment list here but thanks for taking an interest. My Flickr



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As an aside, I looked at the details about tele converters on SRS. I didn't realise the lens used with them must be at least F4 or brighter to use autofocus.
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Yes Mike I am very interested, thanks for replying
Offertonhatter - yes i totally agree with you the HD DA AW 1.4x is a quality peice of kit - my Girlfriend purchased one a while ago and uses it with her 100mm f2.8 WR Macro lens and the results are amazing, she is very happy with it but i just cant stretch to the 380 to buy one
I recently borrowed hers to see how well it performed with my K5 and Sigma 150-500 - an overcast day at my local nature reserve and i found that focus locked on everytime at all focal lengths as well as it does without the teleconverter attached and the pictures show no apparent loss of image quality.
Obviously I wouldnt expect a third party teleconverter to perform as well as the pentax offering but it will be good enough for me - I have used the Kenko 1.5x standard screwdrive focus converter with my Sigma 150-500mm on a tripod and manually focusing and the results are very acceptable but i find manually focusing with the Sigma difficult at best.


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PM sent.


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I have one now.
Thanks to everyone that replied.
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