Sync to Bowens Studio Lighting


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Is it possible to connect Bowens Studio Lighting to a Pentax K-x.
Any solution will be gratefully received.



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Wireless flash trigger are the easiest and most convenient, if they fit on Canon and Nikon they will also fit the Pentax.

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I use radio or optical with my Elinchroms.

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Thanks for the suggestions being away from photography for so long youíre soon out of touch.


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A good radio trigger is the best option, and, naturally, the most expensive. The cheap Chinese ones on Ebay are not reliable.

Bowens supply a sync cord that you can fit to the camera if you buy a hotshoe thingy with a PC socket. Very cheap on Ebay. This is the most reliable system, but dangerous if you trip on the cable.

Being a cheapskate I mount a flashgun on the camera, pointed up and on low power, and this triggers the studio units. Don't use a flashgun that can't be pointed away from the subject.


ETA: Optical triggers which use IR are also good.
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I generally agree with getting a good radio trigger.

Just do not base the quality on name brand or price alone, should you choose to get a radio remote.
Ask around and see what people recommend.

i.e. Elinchrom skyports have been nothing but trouble.
OK, a little harsh. They work *ok*, but only on par with the Chinese remotes that you can get for 1/10th of the price. Elinchrom support is a HUGE pain in the arse. I would *suggest* looking at any other brand than Elinchrom.

I personally use a radio trigger on only one light, and let that be the trigger for the others on optical slave.
This saves some money and works well in a controlled and enclosed area. Not necessarily so well outdoors or where other photographers might be firing flashes (even fluorescent lights are said to be problematic in some cases with the optical slave devices, although I have yet to have a problem myself)


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Thanks all for the advice.
First I got a Hotshoe converter (that worked) for £4.95 and last Saturday I ordered one of the Chinese triggers (£16.00 + postage). It came this afternoon and works a treat.
Many thanks
P.S. canít send a personal thanks yet (30 days membership and all that)
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