Sweden's best view?


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The view of the Rapadalen valley from the summit of Skierfe in the Sarek National Park is said to be one of the best views in Sweden. It's not an easy place to get to and requires a 3 to 4 day return hike from the nearest road. We took 2 days to get there and camped overnight on the summit at 1,179m elevation. The climb from the Aktse hut/campsite is nearly 800m and is tiring when carrying camping gear and nearly 5 kg of camera gear. But the effort is worthwhile when you get the view.

Panorama of the Rapadalen valley from the summit of Skierfe (Pentax K1)

Setting up our tent at sunset (Lumix GH4)

First light. Sunrise over Rapadalen as seen from the summit of Skierffe illuminates Tjahkelihj mountain in Sarek National Park, Sweden, just before a low pressure front bringing light rain completely swallowed the sky. Rapadalen contains an extensive river delta which flows into Laitaure and Tjaktjajuare beyond, making this view one of the most famous in Sweden. Bad weather had thwarted our attempt to climb this mountain on a previous trip, but this time we camped out on the summit to catch the sunset and sunrise

Intense bright orange light lit up our Terra Nova Voyager tent at sunrise on the summit of Skierffe in Sarek National Park, Sweden. Bad weather had thwarted our attempt to climb this mountain on a previous trip, but this time we camped out on the summit to catch the sunset and sunrise (Pentax K1)

Capturing the view with a Penatx K1 (iphone)
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Love the third image, a great set and story your efforts were rewarded


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Fantastic thread and fantastic images, the first and third image are the stand-out ones for me. Look forward to seeing some more.

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Loved reading this. Thanks.


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Super images and an amazingly place. Love it.
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womble wrote:
Super images and an amazingly place. Love it.

+ 1

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Wow nice, your effort was well rewarded.
C&C welcome.


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A strong documentary theme that works very well with great images in support.

Best regards
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The light in 3 and 4 is lovely, and the scene in 1 prompts a 'Wow!'.



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Super stuff... great photographic return on your investment of considerable time and effort...




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Top marks..!! Great results from what looks like a tricky nights camping....

Probably shouldnt say here.. But my fave No2 isn't taken with a Pentax...!! Luckily the others are favourable too though...lol That will be a week in solitary for me....lol
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Excellent stuff and as others have said enhanced by the commentary.

Nice to see shots from a very unusual location...one would have thought that by now it was pretty hard to find anywhere in Europe that hadn't been well covered...
these are new to me though.




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Lovely write up

That last image could be an advertising image for the tent manufacturer
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Wonderful stuff. Thank you for sharing them.
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Very nice. Wonderful light.

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