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Yesterday I bought a Canon Auto Zoom 318M for about £2 at a car boot sale, and when I got home, replaced the batteries and worked out how to use it, theres (luckily) a roll of super 8 film in it, so I had a little play around (its REALLY fun).

Anyway, after working out the cost of it (Would cost £52 to shoot 3.5mins of film, inc. price of film, processing and conversion to dvd), i'm trying to work out what to do with it - sell it, keep it, or do something else with it.. the latter i have no idea what.

any ideas/suggestions?
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Might be cheaper to buy a second hand projector and forget about the conversion to DVD which, incidentally, is almost certainly going to be a video recording of a projection anyway. I dont think anyone does a proper telecine conversion anymore.

If you haven't already been here try this link: link
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Unfortunately selling isn't an exciting option as there's little market for Super 8 cameras.

Using it would be very expensive, although viewing any Super 8 films is likely to be cheap as there are plenty of projectors that nobody wants.

I have at least three here.....
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I bought a Bolex P1 standard 8mm camera at an auction about 10 years ago because I'd always admired its superb Swiss engineering. Went as far as getting a B/W film and this is still sitting in the camera, with a couple of minutes of unprocessed test footage. That's probably where it will stay. One of the only companies still providing pretty comprehensive service for 8mm cine is the Widescreen Centre. They still do proper telecine.

Good luck.

Al Rogers

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Yeah when i mentioned the £52 it was process and telecine paid kodachrome (thats still in production by kodak today )

Even without the telecine its around £25 though
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