Summer in Devon.


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A few shots for summer, why queue at the airports when staycations are an option and good weather too.



3. Garden


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When I were a lad, we had holidays, not vacations. A holiday meant a week at the Great British Seaside. Going on vacation or, even worse, abroad was for people who were rich and a class or three above our status in the world. And the word 'staycation' hadn't been discovered.

And when we went on holiday, we saw things like in your pictures. It was good to see them then and it's good to see your pictures now .

Now I come to think of it, there was also something called the British Summer, which meant that a holiday wasn't all sun and heat, and it always coincided with school holidays.



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'You 'ad 'olidays? You were looky.'

Sorry, couldn't help myself. I'll make my own way out.

Also agree with Lubbyman about the seaside. For my family it was Clacton which was bloody cold. On top of that the woollen swimming togs your mum had knitted would stretch to below your (skinny) knees when you came out of the water shivering.

On another matter, thought the images were absolutely great especially the third one.
Be well, stay safe.
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Lovely sky in number 1

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The first is a great image for both the sky and the rocky shore seen mainly under the seawater.

(In my young childhood for several summer holidays my parents took me by train for a week in Blackpool. The things I remember are that it always seemed to be windy, and on the beach the sand-blasting of a little boy's legs was quite painful! However, dodging the waves crashing over the promenade at high tide was great fun!)

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Thanks peeps for the comments.


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loadoftripe wrote:
Thanks peeps for the comments.

Well deserved.
Be well, stay safe.
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