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Posted 14/12/2007 - 10:56 Link
Currently, I own the kit 18-55 and the 50 1.4 for my K100D, and being a low budget teenager with not great amount of experience (though I have been reading many a review and topic on lenses) I was wondering whether anyone could suggest a lens or two that would be worth investing, and are a relatively cheap price.

At the moment i'm looking at the 10-17 Pentax fisheye, or the 10-20 Sigma lens, which although is cheaper, is not fisheye (which quite interests me)

Also on the "wanted" list would be a lens around 90-150mm, probably a prime, maybe 105 or 135? Any suggestions?

Feel free to tell me the lenses I want are pointless, as long as you suggest a better option Also, if anyone could suggest an online shop which sells used lenses also, then I would be quite interested - Im not too keen on spending a lot of money, especially at this stage in my life where photography to me is not professional.

Thanks, Rob.
Posted 14/12/2007 - 12:01 Link
The Pentax 10-17 and Sigma 10-20 are both excellent lenses but very different. I have both and the Sigma is by far the most useful - the Pentax is a superb performer but a fisheye isn't something that tends to get used all the time.

On the 90-150mm option there are loads of cheap but good manual focus lenses available (K and M42 mount), especially at 135mm where there is usually loads of options on Ebay.

In M42 mount (requiring an adaptor) the Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm F3.5 is highly regard as are the Pentacon 135mm F2.8's.

Most of the Pentax M42 and K mount lenses will also be decent performers however it's probably best to avoid the K-mount Takumars unless they're very cheap.
Posted 14/12/2007 - 12:02 Link
What sort of photography are you intending to do mostly? No lens is pointless unless it is not the right lens for the job in mind.

The fisheye you mention will give you some great wide effects but will not be a good choice for classic portraits.

If you want cheaper lenses and don't mind putting more effort in yourself, you should perhaps look on an auction site for second hand M and A series lenses. You will have to focus manually (no bad thing), and if you plump for an A lens you will have full automatic exposure. The M lenses will require manual exposure (again no bad thing as you will learn a lot about exposure doing it).

If you fancy the challenge have a look for the Pentax M 135 f3.5 which are plentiful on ebay, and the quality of the optics are first class.
Posted 14/12/2007 - 12:15 Link
Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will probably go for the 10-20mm, and maybe wait a while and save up for a prime at around 100mm
Im fine with manual stuff, I would just need to practise manual focusing I guess heh.
I did find one site which sold second hands, but I cannot tell what all the names mean whether they are M42 or K mount, etc.
For example (three randomly picked)
35mm F3.5 SMC PK
40mm F2.8 SMC M
35-70mm F3.5-4.5 SMC F
Is there an explanation somewhere of the letters (PK, M, A, F, FA etc) and how can I distinguish between M42 mount lenses and K mount?
Oh and finally, are M42>K mount adapters expensive, or hard to find?

Thanks again for any help, Rob.
Posted 14/12/2007 - 12:30 Link
A good place to begin is Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page and especially some of the links on the Technology page for the answers to some of your questions on terminology.
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Posted 14/12/2007 - 12:50 Link
I bought the Sigma 105mm Macro a few weeks back. It was around 250 from new.

Having this lens I have discovered it is a fantastic 105mm prime as well as a macro lens. Just an idea - probably not as cheap as the other options...

I got the 135mm M - Prime. It's very good too (and cheap) - Just manual focus though.
Posted 14/12/2007 - 13:02 Link
Yeah, I was considering the 105mm macro, just because its always useful to have a macro lens I guess, and it was the right focal length.
The other option is splashing out on Sigma's 50-150mm f/2.8 which although more expensive than other options would fill a lot of gaps, and would probably end up more useful than a a prime around 100mm
Posted 14/12/2007 - 13:05 Link
If you want an AF macro then the Cosina 100mm F3.5 can be had cheap and it also peforms reasonably well as general purpose prime. Build quality isn't the best (and AF is noisy) but the optics are suprisingly good, even wide open.
Posted 16/12/2007 - 05:02 Link
pschlute wrote:

If you fancy the challenge have a look for the Pentax M 135 f3.5 which are plentiful on ebay, and the quality of the optics are first class.

I can second that. I got a M42 (screw) 135 f3.5 with an auction lot. Its a wonderful little lens . Beautiful smooth focus action, lovely out of focus backgrounds.I have the pentax adapter for the screw lenses though an M lens would be more simple in that regard
and they do stop down with the green button.
You can get some great glass for not much .
have fun
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