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Over the last six years I have photographed a huge number of events ranging from street festivals, fashion events, motorcycle/car shows and war weekends.

So I find it difficult at the moment to pin that type of photography to a style. In each case, there is an ideal process of capturing the subject matter.

When I look at other members photo's on this site, some have that stand out signature i.e. Alan Wennington and there's a couple of others that also produce instantly recognisable images.

If I'm not covering an event, I tend to shoot biased by mood and location. I've lost count of the photographs I've taken at Whitby. Why do I continue to shoot so many images around Whitby? I tell myself that it's "re-working" a location to see if I can get that shot that just stands out as different enough to matter.

I shot a series on Saturday at Whitby on the K-1 with the 43mm and 77mm Ltds. I could easily give up zoom lenses for scene photography as the shooting experience was just "better" with the fixed Ltds where I had to get more involved.

When I shoot events, two zooms are my standard choice. Invariably the 10-20mm Sigma on a K3 and the 16-50mm on a K5-IIs. I always use the 10-20mm on a K3 as it offers better resolution for the much wider field of view and if I do crop in, I have enough pixels available.

I presently can't pin how and what I shoot to a specific style. In my case, does it matter, I ask myself.

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Probably your style pervades every photographic decision that you make when selecting what you photograph, down to the composition and the exposure. It's you, not some external construct.

I like how you are thinking about it and trying to make some pattern out of your photography.

As for Whitby, what's not to like about the place. It's a great location full of interesting things and of course people. We'll be back there ourselves sometime soon, I fewel an urge to return and "re-work" it, just as you describe.
Best regards, John
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