Studio shoot with K3 DA*50-135 & Sigma 17-50 2.8


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Been away from this forum for a while now, I gave up waiting for the pentax Full Frame and purchased a Sony A7 back in January. I used to shoot with my trusted K5 & K3 everyday while I was a studio photographer however I decided I would like to become and photojournalist a year ago and I have switched to shooting A7 mainly and using K3 as my backup body.

After a year in working as a photojournalist covering protests around the world and the battlefield of eastern Ukraine. I was worrying about forgetting how to shoot in a studio environment. Had an opportunity to shoot in a studio today and picked up the K3 paired with Bowen studio lights and it just still feel right at home.

Would like to share a few shot and love to hear your comments.



GEO_1828-5 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_1823-4 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_1834-6 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_1851-8 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_1856-9 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_1901-12 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2000-14 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2105-16 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2122-17 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2123-18 by geovienso, on Flickr


GEO_2168-19 by geovienso, on Flickr


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#6 and #7 are superb


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7 is great
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I like all of them
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