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Hello all. I was nipping out to the shop this morning when I spotted this out of the corner of my eye on the bamboo in my front garden. I had no idea what it was although it looked like a berry or something...

of course on closer inspection it became clear what it was, although I had never seen this before:

Garden spider hatchlings!

Apparently the hatchlings stay together like this for a few days before heading off on their own.

Probably not the greatest pics artistically but I thought some here might be interested to see. Don't look too long or you'll start to itch (they have that effect on me)

Mat W

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I have seen this before, and found it quite fascinating that you can disturb them slightly and then they all return to being close together. Good shots.


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Excellent ! - Very interesting shot. I'd be back there for a few more ! Pentax. Pentax DA*300/4, Cosina 55/1.2, Lens Baby Composer Pro & Edge 80, AFA x1.7, Metz 50 af1.
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Very interesting, colourful and well captured. But this reminds me of a particularly nasty scene from The Mist...


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Well spotted. I think most newly hatched spiders start life in a huddle like this and they are called . . . spiderlings, fairly obviously derived from spider hatchlings.
Peter E Smith

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Good stuff Mat, I like it ... but you probably already knew that.
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