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I am trying my luck with scanning medium format film with my Pentax K-5iis. So far I am having interesting results with 10 shots from one 120 film slide, stitched in “photomerge" in Photoshop Elements 2019. The resulting image is more than 100mp and contains much more detail and richer tonality than scans from my Epson flatbed scanner. I believe DSLR scanning has great potential.

Currently I am checking out the 30 days trial of Photoshop Elements 2019. Does anybody know if the photomerge command is equally good in PE 15 or PE 2018 (the older versions are less expensive)?

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Hi Born,

Although I use photoshop elements to process my photos a lot, I never use it for stiching. I always use Hugin, which is free to download, and offers much more options to stich.



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I use Photomerge in PSE. It has been part of the package for a long time. I currently have PSE 14 ( I think!). I have always found it works really well, but unless you are going to use the rest of PSE as well you may be better off with a stand alone program.

Considering trying the 2019 PSE trial, but I'm not sure it's worth the upgrade.
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Thank you for your advice Christophe and Gwyn!

I agree, Hugin is very good stitching software, though quite complex IMHO. Photomerge in PE 2019 is easy to use, and the results are good,

I actually ended up with purchasing the Affinity Photo software, that features stitching, focus stacking and lots of other interesting editing possibilities. Some regard Affinity Photo as a real Photoshop alternative, at a bargain price. Affinity Photo us about half the price of Photoshop Elements 2019. So I am excited with this new software. The stitching in Affinity Photo seems easy to use and the results so far are good.

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Interesting Bjørn. I'll have a look at that software, much as I hate learning new software. It would be good to get away from Adobe.
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