Spongy sticky Kx shutter button


Link Posted 31/05/2011 - 19:55
As the topic title suggests my K-x's shutter release button feels kind of peculiar when taking snaps. The mount (where you twist to turn on and off) has definately got perceptible gap and i am wondering if this is what has caused the "sticking effect".

I can take photos fine but as I am usually out taking photos of wildlife etc and so I am worried about rain etc getting in.

The camera is used and did not come with a warranty and Pentax UK repairs said that it would be at a rough estimate around 160!!!

Anyone got similar stories and do you think I can still get away with it for another year or so?
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Link Posted 31/05/2011 - 20:09
Not had anything like that on mine, its done about 9k shots now and its not been treated with kid gloves... sorry, that doesn't really help you much
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I had no probs either...But im shocked at the Pentax repair price...
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If it's the same as here they will have 2 different types of repairs, small and big, this a small repair.
Don't forget they need to pull the whole camera open, it's just as easy to replace the LCD screen then one button for example.

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