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What's the best SD card to get to use in my K-S2 pls? I have a selection of Samsung and SanDisk already inc some with a write speed of 95mb/s, CLASS 10 and U3 from earlier cameras.
Does it make any difference if it is a microSD card in a full sized holder?
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Other forum members may disagree, but I would think that the SDHC cards that you currently have would do the job. On the question of micro SD cards, they are not recommended for DSLR cameras. If you Google Pentax KS 2 there is a useful Q & A page on the Ricoh website




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Agree with the points made by Michael.. It's more to do with the transfer speed from the camera. Then just get a matching card.
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I find that 90MB/s writes quickly enough in my K-3 so I'd recommend that as a minimum.

My understanding is that micro SD cards are less reliable than their full-sized counterparts due to the reduced size, but I've never had a card of either format fail on me. I avoid them for my cameras though and stick to reliable retailers selling well-known brands of full-sized SD cards, even though my local supermarket no longer stocks them, only the micros.
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Your current cards will be fine, apart from the K3 (3) I don't think any Pentax cameras take advantage of the faster card technology.
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