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Have you ever gone some where and wish you had"nt
Today we went to winkworth arbouritum just out side godalming
The chelese tractor brigade was out with there nikons that look down there nose at us with our old pentaxs
they just barge about stand infront of you while trying to take a photograph with out a by or leave
It puts you off joining any camera club


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Unfortunately there are some people in society that just have to brag about what they possess. Canons and Nikons are no better than Pentax or any other camera for that matter. Remember this....they are still likely to break if dropped off a mountain side, and likely to be rendered useless if dropped to the bottom of the ocean.

It is not the camera that takes the great's the person behind the camera. (I believe that was a quote by a famed photographer, whose name escapes me).

The fact they have a 'chelsea tractor', does not necessarily show wealth... They probably have a large mortgage, all the furnishings and trappings of luxury (e.g the 'tractor', designer clothes and women) all on loan. Keeping up with the Jones' is alright until the bubble bursts-resulting in no house, no car, no woman, nothing. Not even a Canikon to their name.

But, YOU will still have your great camera and continue to produce great photographs, like the ones here.

I wonder what they do with their 'snaps'-probably show their friends at a soire and say "This one was taken with my Canikon D 750 Turbo, with my 18-1000mm F1.2 (whatever that means) lens, costing 25000 from Harolds in London.

The answer to the very rude people that stand in front of you with Canikons is to say "I suggest you move away from my area of focus, I bet your cameras don't fire a hail of bullets as well!.

Stu62, you don't need me to tell you the above. There is nothing wrong with your photographs. I agree with your comments regarding camera clubs I have been in some. In fact I went to one and it was so open, trying to make me feel inferior, until I said "I can buy any of your cameras, and all the lenses and accessories in your brands range, but I chose to buy the best for what I want to do". I did receive some support but there were some equipment freaks who didn't talk to me after that.

You stick with Pentax. Next time you want to visit Winkworth, let me know and I'll bring my super expensive 100megapixel full frame sensor Lubital twin lens Russian camera, with Zeiss lenses complete digital back and flu card socket,I'll also have with me my personal assistant, make up artist, some models and you'll recognise me as I'll be in my bright yellow Hummer limo.

I hope the community here enjoy this lighthearted comment. If I have offended any Canikon owners, or the chelsea tractor brigade, I truly and unequivocally MEAN to You shouldn't be here anyway, this is reserved for the elite Pentax Professionals.



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Boot them in leg tell them to F*&K OFF and wait until you have finished


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Two pleasing pictures despite the unpleasantness. I must say I've never encountered any animosity from any other photographers, regardless of the equipment they use, but maybe I've been fortunate.

As for cars, remember 80% of vehicles are either owned by the driver's company or are bought on what my mother used to call the "never never", that is to say via some sort of hire purchase or lease agreement. They are not, and will never be,"owned" by their drivers.
Best wishes,


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Robert Adams
"The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE."
Ernst Hass
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i think there should be a like button for some of the comments lol


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I have never experienced any "camera snobbery" anywhere, under any circumstances. There's certainly no need to escalate it either. Whatever people choose to buy should be absolutely fine, unless it's in good natured jest of course.

People stand in front of other photographers all the time, sometimes even watch us waiting to take a shot. It's probably just that it never occurs to them to move rather than any deliberate slight. Fortunately, there also exist plenty of people who wait before crossing the line of sight or even scoot out of the way to allow a shot to be taken uninterrupted by their presence.

Such is life!
Best regards, John


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You could always try Cranleigh Camera Club. We have no snobbery here and we seldom see other members' gear. We concentrate on the output and it does not matter what has been used - it could be a phone even.


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Hi not all camera clubs are the same. Its a shame you dont live near Holmfirth with images you have posted you would be welcome. Some of our members win comps with compacts with external judges.
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