some more New Years Day


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C& C waited ! Dont pamper me.

Feel free to play with the pics and show.


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I like them just as they are!
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Love the light on the second shot.
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Father Ted

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I loooove that second shot!
The light and the DoF are spot on ( IMHO )
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

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No.1 is un-interesting.....

...but no.2 is an absolutely beautiful shot imo. Seriously well done, I'd hang that on a wall.

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No. 2 is great, but I'd get my cropping scissors out again! IMHO if you take the bottom set of tracks out then you are left with a picture that flows beautifully from the bottom left corner and winds its way to the people in the distance.



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I too would crop the second one but slightly differently:

Joining the Q


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Number 2 is a beautiful image, well done.
Peter E Smith

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I like both shots and number two (as everyone else has commented) is lovely.
In both instances I think they look fine the way they are
Regards Huw



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I think number 2 is quite magical and like the composition the way it is... the tiny blurred figure is great - it makes me think that an alien has landed (probably that's just me)

Nice one

Mat W

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Second pic is great just the way it is, I love the whole composition.
I did wonder if a small crop may work though.

I really like the grass on the left, with those lovely shadows adding depth and texture, as well as the distant figure. The churned snow adds texture and depth but I thought a little crop could make it simpler whithout losing anything important.

With your permission Aiki, here is my attempt. I'm not sure if it makes it better though!



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Thanks for the comments !

TonyM and Bob. I do understand what you mean.
I will work with it a bit and compare then once more
The double track for me gives a kind of color-balance between blue and the sunset warmth. Also the part in focus is greater on the final pic this way. Thatswhy I didnt crop..... but I will play once more!

PS. This alien is walking on the water It is a view to the frozen sea

Pentax K20D; SMC DA 18-55mm II kit; Sigma AF 70-300/4-5.6 APO DG MACRO
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Excellent images. As previous comments, #2 is worthy of a well deserved pat on the back.

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I like No. 2 the best Aiki. The figure gives it scale and reason. So that's the frozen sea is it? If you keep on walking from there do you come to Finland and Helsinki? I've been there and a friend who now lives in Durham and is a member of our photographic society comes from there.


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Frozen sea! Now thats what I call weather!

I understand what you mean about the colour-balance and the focus. I wasn't sure if the crop was an improvement, just an attemt.
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