Some "marmite" processing amongst some IR


Link Posted 12/08/2020 - 14:34
Took the 1stDL out in the sunshine yesterday

1. Leaves in the Light

2. NIK Warm Glow

3. Ivy on Fence

4. PS Threshold

5. Nik Polaroid transfer

6. Leaning tree on Rodborough common. Warm glow again

7. St Luke's Church, Frampton Mansell .

K3 II and the odd lens or 2



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I like Marmite
Too Old To Die Young


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3 and 7 are fantastic in my opinion.
I also love Marmite, having recently tried it again year or so ago after despising it throughout my childhood.


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I'm strangely attracted to #5 - perhaps it's the heat!

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I wouldn't dare to process any shots the way you do Joe - I don't have the vision to visualise the final image (I used to try and end up with a real mess) - but having said that I do like your results.

The Nik Polaroid Transfer is a great piece of art on its own, the Leaning Tree is a great subject for that treatment and St Lukes Church is such extreme contrast it's almost a Lithograph. It's a shame you didn't include "Fallen Leaf on Pond" from your Flickr collection - that is a brilliant image in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing - and keep experimenting, it's genuinely inspiring


Link Posted 12/08/2020 - 23:30
No.5 followed by No.7 for me.

It's good to experiment...get the odd unexpected 'gem' from time to time.




Link Posted 14/08/2020 - 09:25
thanks for looking and comments, forgot to say that the DL is converted to IR . Have found a few things that have worked with the Polaroid transfer and also the Solarise John, just a matter of trying each version of each preset ,play with the sliders to find if any work . The Cemetery/churchyard also had some false colour processing prior to going into NIK
The "Fallen Leaf" is on here in an earlier posting John. Another that i took as i thought it ought to make something but not knowing what. The hardest bit was to get the slight reflection back which the leaf had in the algae covered water.
K3 II and the odd lens or 2

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Pleased to see these daring processing choices and the resulting images, Joe. The polaroid transfer certainly caught me off guard - in a good way. 1 & 6 would be my pick of the crop.
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