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Some people that caught my eye....







Do any of them work?


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particularly like #1



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Nicely observed. On my old monitor a couple of them look a little less than sharp. I'd want to correct a few verticals, as well. Not that I could do any better: I'm rubbish at street photography!
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Hi Nigel, interesting, I like the monochrome but there is a little softness.

#1 nice composition makes a good pair with
#2 like the idea but its not quite clear where the focus point is.
#6 An interesting guy!

I think the best thing is you have the confidence to approach people and take their photo- that in itself is a big deal for lots of people. Well done you.


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Cheers for comments. Re the softness, from what I can tell, it may be depth of field, which is very shallow in 1 and 2, as they were shot at f1.4.
So in 1, the back of the chap is in focus but the statue is not, and in 2 I was focusing on the lower hand, so the chap is out of focus. They were grab shots, and didn't get a second chance with smaller aperture.
Yes the guy in 6 was ok and quite a performer


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I would have definitely asked number 6. Don't be afraid to ask mist people are surprised when asked to have their picture taken and are usually willing.

I recently did a little project to photograph 35 people and had one knock back...
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By the time you have asked the moment has gone. And no. 6 is clearly too absorbed to notice or mind being photographed... He's also putting on a show so I think a photo's appropriate, maybe slip him a business card afterwards so he can request a copy. I also like the one with the hearts. A shame about the missed focus on a lot of them.
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Like the composition on the first and second shots, but my fav is the last one, very nice work.
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