smc PENTAX-DA 14mmF2.8ED[IF] ??


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Saw this lens on display yesterday in a Pentax Dealership in Kobe Japan; has anyone had experience of it ?

I see it is on the Lens Roadmap as a DA but curiously it is designated as a DA* ( on the box and paperwork ) in Japan; Didnít handle it though but the guy in the dealership assured me it is a DA*

I have not seen it on sale in the UK or am I missing something ???


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It's one I would like to have, there are not so many to be found here.

In the EU it is referred to as a DA lens with no *(star) and it has a green ring on the barrel - the DA* lenses have a gold ring.

In Pentax/Ricoh's Japan store website clearly state it is a normal DA lens: See this link for confirmation: link
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I've had one that I liked very much. But how much was down to the focal length that's hard to say. I traded in for a da12-24 for the convenience of zoom. The 14mm has more character than the 12-24, that's for sure.
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I saw it in the box in a display cabinet where it said on the box it was a DA* , but your right, on USA and EU sites it shows it as a DA (as do reviews).

Maybe it is a Japanese version but if I go back to Kobe this week I will get it in my hands.

By the way everything is more expensive in Japan and in Osaka there were hardly any new Pentax items in the stores (lotís of used though)



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I have one I don't use now that I only have a full frame body if anyone is interested.

it's not a * though.
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vic cross

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Daronl. While in Osaka you must visit the castle. I was there for work many moons ago and had a day off so went to the castle.
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As far as I'm aware this was not a * lens and was discontinued a couple of years ago.

Osaka castle is very nice, though I didn't go in when I was there (was only in Osaka for a day and had other things to see). The Dotombori district was the highlight and good for photography, especially with a wide-angle lens like a 14mm .
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vic cross wrote:
Daronl. While in Osaka you must visit the castle. I was there for work many moons ago and had a day off so went to the castle.

Hi Vic,

Yes the castle is a lovely place, and we were there last week during the "Emperor Celebrations" it was a special day




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Japan is brilliant and since my old parent company originated from Osaka I went there twice...

My 100 mm macro comes from Osaka (courtesy of a very friendly Japanese colleague)...

The 14 might've been a 'special' edition - things are sold that can't be sold in the EU. Shelves in Japan, from memory, were crammed with stuff we could only dream of...
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