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I contacted Sigma UK about the non-availability of long lenses, 150-600mm in particular, in PK mount, their response was :-

We don't provide all of our lenses in Pentax mount - Only a few. This is due to the global demand for Pentax fit.
If we see an increase in demand we will produce more Pentax mounting lenses.

Surely this is self defeating, if a product is unavailable no one asks for it. If you would like to see this product and similar become available, please contact Sigma UK and let them know there is an untapped market out there.



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I think they probably mean that there aren't enough Pentax cameras being sold (compared to several other brands) at the present time to warrant their doing many lenses in PK mount. I am with you though; it would be nice to see the 150-600 in Pentax.
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I believe it's the same situation with Tamron
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Is it also possible that some lenses are produced / designed by some of these manufacturers for or on behalf of Pentax.


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An explanation I once heard from a Sigma salesman was that their lenses are all made on a production line, the last stage being the connecting and fixing of the particular mount; Canon, Nikon etc. were all fully electronic mounts so this was pretty straightforward. Because the Pentax K mount also had mechanical linkages the production line had to be suspended for a special run, which is inefficient and uneconomic especially for those lenses which have less demand.

I would have thought this could change with the latest K4 mount and after the K1 came out they very quickly modified the mount shape to suit, but I suspect all their efforts are now with cranking out special lenses for mirrorless bodies to supplement the rest of their range.

Tamron make some Pentax lenses under a special licence and it appears they donít put K mounts on their own similar versions as part of that deal.


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There's always the secondhand market. Sigma lenses for Pentax are regularly available. I bought one a while ago through the Classifieds on here.


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Saw this today:
Real name: Mike Edwards. My homage to seventies Vauxhalls:

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Seems to be confirmed by DP Review link
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I have checked camera price buster.
This lens is not made in E mount or X mount .

IN fact there is only 1 sigma zoom lens in E mount .

The Fuji X mount is not supported at all. So much for Fuji shooters complain about the lack of third party support.

Other brands also lack support, from Sigma.
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